Monday, 15 March 2010

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Is a sign of a great piece of Music, or Literature, or a visual piece of Art, it's longevity? That is, it's ability to be appreciated and admired by more than one generation. And if yes, it can definitely be said of Tennessee Williams - Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.

The main theme running through the play is that of 'Mendacity', which essentially translates as being untruthful. The play touches upon our often irresistable urge to lie to others, be lied to, and most importantly our urge to lie to ourselves. What a fitting theme for modern-society, whose relationships are often unsatisfying and unfulfilling, due to their superficiality and need to pretend that all's well, when often it isn't.

Can we always recognise the truth when it's presented to us? I'm getting better at doing so. Truth - a revelation to the digital generation? Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, is playing at the Novello Theatre for 4 weeks more, see it if you can.

Monday, 8 February 2010

What a girl wants

So as we don't get confused, my goal is to embark on a sexual and social, monogomous, long-term marriage bound, continuos relationship whose goal is mutual sexual and social pleasure, intellectual companionship and an emotionally supporting family life.

Too much - well you asked!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Big riddle

Just watched the Sex and the City movie - F### You Mr Big.

Monday, 1 February 2010


If infidelity is no big thing, (and alot of men seem to agree with that statement), Why do they go to such great lengths to keep it a secret from their wives and girlfriends?

Saturday, 30 January 2010


I guess for me life is about growth, and sometimes in order to grow, I have to leave my comfort zone and try different things. Anyway, that's what I was telling myself as I went to a speed-dating event in Leicester square, with a group of friends yesterday evening.

So anywayz, the format - ladies are seated at tables while the guys rotate their way around each ladies table. With 3 minutes allowed for each 'date'. At the end of each date, you mark your score-card accordingly, are you interested or not, or have you found a potential friend. The day after the event, it's up to you to enter your scores online and wait to see if you have a potential match.

Personally, I think the format's great. Shame about some of the guys! But, generally speaking, after much thought and consideration, I have come to realise that a relationship must be based on the 3-c's. And they are:

1) Chemistry
2) Compatibility
3) Communication

And one out of three ain't enough. Think about it in terms of friendship. The friends you have, are probably your friends because you have shared interests, common values and a similar outlook on life. And now think about the friends that didn't make it. More often than not friendships end because of a fundamental difference in attitudes. And it's the same in love isn't it? Those that didn't stand the test of time, didn't share your interests, have your values and weren't standing on the same vantage point as you. A successful relationship must be grounded in friendship in-order to have any chance of success.

So maybe, 3 minutes is all the time you need to gage whether you're compatible with someone or not. Compared to the time we often waste in relationships with people who never really make the grade, 3 minutes seems like a good investment.

Saturday, 23 January 2010


People, are you watching Glee, on E4 and channel 4? And if not, why not? I haven't laughed so much in a long time. The show follows the fortunes of a group of near do-well-students in high school, who join the 'Glee' - performing arts club.

Their musical renditions, including salt n pepa's - push-it, are hilarious - believe me!!

In secondary school, I was Rachel Berry! The misfit - who boys liked, but didn't like to necessarily, openly admit it in public. Because, I too was a member of the performing arts club, and the history club, Oh and the RE and IT clubs too, come to think of it.

And although I was often the object of ridicule, because of my swattishness (is that a word?), school was definitely, the best time of my life. And I guess in some ways we're all trying to recreate those experiences we once had. Good TV.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Too young to settle down?

Just seen on MSN, that Lewis Hamilton, and his Pussycat doll, Nicole Scherzinger have split, after nearly two years together. Apparently because he said that at 25 he's too young to get married and have babies. While at 31, she's desperate to get married and start a family - soon, if not sooner.

I'm undecided about this, on the one-hand, I can understand Lewis's need to hedge his bets, and therefore his reluctance to commit too soon. But men often do this, 'Oh I'm too young to settle down' - only to end up later on, deeply regretting having let a perfectly good woman get away, because of their indecision, fear of commitment and unshakable belief, that life is greener on the other side.

But on the other, it's been reported that, Ms Scherzinger tried to use the-old emotional blackmail (which never works) - saying, marry me or it's over Lewis. To which he called her bluff. I think it's called stalemate in the game of Chess, when neither player is able to move. She's 31 and I'm sure she's pictured herself sauntering down the aisle once or twice. And if Lewis won't commit, and that's what she really wants, then split-up - they must.

And while age-gap relationships seem to be en-vogue at the moment, maybe they take a little bit more consideration than first thought.